Video Game Music

Band and Video Mapping Show

Video Game Music 



Do any of these melodies sound familiar to you? Meet our show with video game music as the central axis.

Find all the scores, videos and accompaniments on Youtube. Own creation material for music students.

If you want we can create this type of content for you.

Get generate a unique experience in your concert. We create and project the necessary scenery for the realization of your show. A fusion between music and visual art.

What do we do?

Passionate about art, audiovisual, musical ... And some "geeks" from training. We are specialists in designing and generating audiovisual material for use in different fields, (education, social media, shows ...) always adapting to the public to make it a fully immersive experience.

We bring our knowledge and passion so that your projects become a complete audiovisual experience.

We have our own shows, and if you want to put on your own show, we will accompany you! with quality advice and involved in the construction of the work.

Video Game Music 


Adaptive arrangements for any grouping.

Distribute the different voices depending on the instruments you have in your group.




Participatory concert in which the famous composer remembers the creation of some of his famous soundtracks.


We offer training courses in the field of music education and new technologies and in the use of audio and video editing programs.